Shocking week 5

Posted: October 5, 2008 in NFL, Washington Redskins
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The Washington Redskins have prevailed over the Iggles to move to 4-1.  Yowza!  Jason Campbell is the real deal, don’t sleep.  Stank-0 has officially had the kool-aid.  If Six Flags Snyder doesn’t fire Jim Zorn, Campbell has an offense he can work with.

The Cards humbled the previously undefeated Bills, 41-17.
  What planet are we on now?  The Cards missing Anquan Boldin…just piled points on the Bills.  What in the ham sammich is goin on?  Cards are in first place in the NFC West. 

The Fins are flyin high, BAAAAALLLIIIIIIIN!  Maybe Stank-0 was wrong to question the Parcells effect on the previously hapless Fins.  Uh, SD, ya’ll might want to wake up. 

ATL, act like you know!  The Falcons slipped by the Pack.  Maybe….Aaron, you should have sat this one out.  There’s only one Brett and he wears a different color green. 

How about them GMen!  No Plax, no big deal.  The C-Hawks are straight dookie.  Are the GMen that good or are the Seahawks that bad?  Stank-0 is goin with the latter. 

Last but not least, the Colts dropped 21 points in 4:10 to stun the Texans.  Is ya’ll surrious!  The Colts allowed the Texans to get up that much before they started to play football?  Fa really!  Peyton, you need to tight up, son! 

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