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Coming of age

Posted: October 31, 2008 in NFL, Washington Redskins
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Honestly, Jason Campbell has made the jump this season.  Only the most die hard of Redskins fans could say they predicted this.  Campbell has learned offense after offense after offense.  It’s been unfair to him.  Stank-0 himself doubted that Campbell had the tools, but so far this season, son has INJECTED himself into the “best QB’s in the league” conversation.  The Washington Redskins have themselves a FRANCHISE QB. 

Stank-0 did say that if anyone could mold him it would be Jim Zorn, a QB coach.  Campbell is just that good.  Campbell has dropped some absolute beauties on his receivers, namely Santana Moss, the 2nd best little receiver in the NFL.  The question is how high is Campbell’s ceiling?  With the skill players he has around him, he could become an absolute beast.  For the foreseeable it will be Romo or Campbell?  Campbell or Romo?

As a former resident of dC, Stank-0 is glad for the Redskins.  They in a tough division and runnin with the pack.  Campbell, so far you have to be frontrunner.  Ya’ll know what Stank-0 is talkin about.  Respec’ game. 

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Posted: October 30, 2008 in LeBron James, NBA, posterized
That’s the only adequate word to describe LBJ aka the Kaing’s lob over P Squared. P move out the way if you can’t stop it. Those are my words of advice to you. Just move, bruh, move.

Delonte West throws an alley oop pass to Lebron James

Again the bench’s reaction….never forget the bench. 

The other dunks, in case you missed them.
Posterized, vol II

As always [Shout out to You got dunked on]

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Posted: October 30, 2008 in MLB, Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies are who we thought they were!  To put this in perspective, the Phillies won their previous chip before Stank-0 was born.  Yeah it’s been a long time.  Congrats to Illadelph, party it up big there ya’ll. 

Geoff JenkinsJames Lang/US Presswire

To Selig, what in the ham sammich were you thinkin startin a game and then stoppin it?  Ever hear of  It works, yo! 

Who gets MVP?

UPDATE!:  The Phillies haven’t even popped all the ‘pagne yet and they already pimpin them.

(courtesy of

UPDATE2:  Seems Illadelph took Stank-0 at his word and partied it up.  Some anonymous cat got hit in the head wit a bottle. 

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Posted: October 29, 2008 in NBA
The NBA season’s startin tonight. We start off with the James gang (Cavaliers) vs. the Celtics.

Now we have to sit through this obligatory fluffing before the game. Marv, Mike Fratello, and Reggie….we don’t give a f! Start the damn game!

All the dunks in pre-season got me amped to see who throws down the most nasty dunk to start the season? The Kaing?

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MNF: 4/8

Posted: October 29, 2008 in NFL
MNF has hit a rut.  Last night’s game wasn’t that good mainly because the Colts did show up to play.  Peyton’s surgery really derailed the whole team’s rhythm.  The Titan’s D showed up and just hit people in the mouth. 

Kerry Collins?!  Iz u surrious?  He’s like 60 years old and still gettin it done.  Holla, back kid! 

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Dismissed, Prequel

Posted: October 28, 2008 in college football
In the latest installment, Tyrone Willingham has been informed his services will no longer be necessary at the end of the season.  He is currently the coach of the University of Washington football team.  His teams have not been good…at all. 

The other installments here, here, and here.

Poor Tyrone, first Notre Dame lets him go after a good season and now U-Dub. 

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Post game notes

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Mike Singletary, NFL
Mike Singletary is intense, yall.  Don’t ever EVER EVER EVER get it confused.  Singletary looks like he could chew steel and spit out nails. 

Mike Singletary Rant – Vernon Davis

If Coach Singletary asked me to run suicides, Stank-0 would strap up!  If the 49ers can’t get motivated now, there’s no hope at all.  This rant tops Dennis Green, cause this was just real. 

The Texans were straight up clownin the Bungles.  They were actin like
it was SOOOOOOOUUUUUUL TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN during the game.  The receivers need to keep it simple..just stick to the Electric Slide. Ya’ll moves were horrible.  What tripped out Stank-0 was the defensive linemen’s was killin it softly.

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The game kicked off the Saints held the rock for a long time. They just stalled out a 13 play drive and settled for FG. The Bolts D is looking pathetic. They missed Shawn Merriman more than they let on. They can’t consistently created pressure without an all out blitz. More later.

UPDATE1:  The Saints scored but it was extremely easy.  Brees rolled the pocket and hit a completely uncovered receiver.  They just missed the PAT.  That PAT may become very important later on. 

UPDATE2:  The Bolts fumbled on the kick off and the Saints recovered.  Deuce just ran in a TD.  Bolts need to do somethin and quick. 

UPDATE3:  The Saints scored on a nice double move on Antonio Cromartie.  Lance Moore, Stank-0 sees you shinin.  It’s 23-10, Saints. 

UPDATE4:  The Bolts have scored on a short dump off to LDT.  He looks good, the injured toe seems to healing up for him.  He has a nice run and a sick move to get in the hizzie!

UPDATE5:  Antonio Gates!  That was his drive, a deep jawn and then the TD.  23-17, Saints.

Final 37-30, Saints. 

Another surprise, the Miami Wildcats over the Bills, 25-16.  Patriots by virtue of their win are tied with MIA for 1st in the AFC East, aka the Lil’ Debbie Division. 

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  • LJ, of the Chiefs, is goin to meet with the Commish over his off-field behavior.  LJ has the affinity for roughin up womenfolk in club settings.  Commish prolly gonna threaten his paper if any more problems arrise with his name attached, and rightly so.  LJ, brotha, you need counseling. 

  • In an interesting note, before Stank-0 gets to that, let’s provide some background.  In an interview earlier in her career, Condi Rice mentioned she wanted to be Commish of the NFL.  Well, Condi, baby steps, girl, baby steps.  Here’s your first one.  The 49ers are considering you for team president.  Mainly, because you can secure financing for the new stadium, but hey don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  This could be your stepping stone to a high level position with the NFL. 

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Posted: October 25, 2008 in NBA, posterized
Continuing the Posterized section, Nene dropped the hammer on Jamario Moon.

Nene POSTERIZES Jamario Moon!! Raptors Vs Nuggets!

That was just dirty.  Again the bench reaction lets you know how sick it was! 

The other two dunks, in case you missed them.
Posterized, vol II

[Shout out to You Got Dunked On]

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