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Dismissed, part deux

Posted: September 30, 2008 in NFL, Raiders
It’s not a good time to be a NFL head coach.  Lane Kiffin has finally been fired by the hapless Oakland Raiders. 

Stank-0 agrees with the Raaidas fans.  Nothin will ever get fixed as long as Al Davis is calling the shots.  Is Al Davis suffering from dementia or senility?  Take your pick either one isn’t a good look. 

Lane, Stank-0 knows its hard to get canned, but look at the bright side.  You are finally free from the craziness that is the Oakland Raiders.  The only downside is that you refused to quit b/c you wanted that cake.  Some things aren’t worth the money, knowwhatI’msayin? 

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Dismissed, part I

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Dismissed, NFL, St. Louis Rams
As promised, this is my first dismissed segment. 

Today, Scott Linehan was released after 4 seasons with the hapless STL Rams. 

How do the Rams go from the “Greatest Show on Turf” to losing 17 of their last 20?  The particulars:

Linehan, 45, was 11-25 in the third season of a four-year contract that
paid him about $8 million. The Rams have been outscored 147-43 this
season, and have allowed at least 30 points in seven straight games
dating back to last year.

The move was made heading into the Rams’ bye week and in the early morning hours Monday, several hours after the Buffalo Bills outscored them 25-0 in the second half of a 31-14 victory.

Rams were 3-13 in 2007 and have lost eight in a row dating to last
Dissension had been building after unsuccessful stabs by
Linehan at a makeover: several new assistants; a remote training camp
site; a higher-energy, upbeat delivery by the coach to project
confidence and enthusiasm.

The Rams season is still a bust, but at least they cut some dead weight. 

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