Toss up Sunday

Posted: September 21, 2008 in NFL, week 3
S-Jr, just saw that the Miami Dolphins are giving the New England Patriots all they can handle. No one, even the Dolphins themselves, would tell you they had a chance against the Pats even with Tom Brady out.

Maybe Stank-0 was wrong and week 3 will be quite a week of NFL football. College certainly was with LSU and Auburn having quite a barn burner.

Now, Stank-0 has been all NFL, since he won’t write about the NBA. I won’t be hampered.

UPDATES: The Pats scored to pull within 15. It’s 28-13.

The Raiders are leading the Bills right now. JaMarcus Russell just had a 1 yd QB sneak to make it 16-7, Raiders.

UPDATE2:  35-13 Dolphins.  Maybe Ronnie Brown should be the QB/RB for the Fins.  He took a direct snap to the hizzle. 

UPDATE3:  The Bills are 3-0!  On a last second game ending field goal, Bills win 24-23 over the Raiders.   Do you believe?

UPDATE4:  The Colts fall to the Jags on a last second game ending field goal, 23-21. Does that sound familiar? 

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