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Dem Boys and Iggles

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Dallas Cowboys, NFL
Right now the Cowboys and Iggles are playin a helluva game.  It’s 30-24, Iggles at the half.  The play so far has been DeSean Jackson tossin the football before breakin the plane for the TD.  DeSean is a big dummy right now.

This post will be updated more tomorrow.  If you aren’t watching MNF, you need to be.

UPDATE!  Week 2 of the NFL has produced two AFL era scoring games.  The Boys and Iggles have played a marvelous game.  The final score 37-41, Cowboys win!  Dem Boys are now 2-0! 

Has defense taken a backseat this season?

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Week 2

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, Raiders, Washington Redskins
The Bolts lost to the Broncos on a horrible call.  Absolutely horrible.  So bad in fact that Hochuli is gettin a bad grade for blowin the call

The hapless Raiders beat the pathetic Chiefs.  Stank-0 felt sick watching McFadden run through the Chiefs. 

Jason Campbell looked good against the Saints.  Uh Reggie, you might want to quit pointin at people.  Every game you pointed, your team lost.  Fall back on the pointin, just dance in the endzone like everyone else does.

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