College football game of the week

Posted: September 10, 2008 in college football, Ohio State, SoCal
Jim TresselAP Photo/Jay LaPrete

Stank-0 is quite certain you have all heard about the Ohio State playin SoCal in SoCal. What more can Stank-0 add to this? ESPN has been trippin all over themselves hypin this game up, despite the fact that the Ohio State squeaked by a weaker team last week. There was even a segment where an analyst broke down game film from SC’s game against UVA to make the case for OSU making this competitive past halftime. Whatever, mayne!

Stank-0 will call this one for the Trojans of SC. So, how exactly will the Ohio State make it into the national championship game? They don’t. They have had chance after chance after chance to win another title on a bad pass interference call and they have blown their chances. They keep gettin to the chip b/c the Big 10 11 is cream puff.

The bad pass interference call in question from the 2003 National Championship game between the Ohio State and Miami. Maybe that’s why OSU can’t win in the title game because their last title was gift wrapped.

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