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Posted: September 9, 2008 in Broncos, NFL, Packers, Raiders, Vikings

What a double-header. The Packers almost gave a game away to the Vikes. Almost! Being up 12 points should have been it, but the Packers left the Vikes with some hope. Alas, Tavaris Jackson took the hope away with a late INT to seal the game. Normally, repeated passes for short gains is the hallmark of a run-and-shoot offense, but in this case it wasn’t.

Tavaris, man don’t waste AD’s talent like this. Do you know the shelf life of an NFL running back? It ain’t long, son. Get your game right or sit down.

Rodgers, you were very good. Stank-0 saw that bomb you served up. Nice indeed.

The Broncos just manhandled the Raiders from the opening quarter. Stank-0 was supremely impressed with McFadden and Fargas. They ran with authority at first, then the Broncos’ front seven tightened up.

JaMarcus, you are physically gifted, but you have defensive players all over you like a cheap suit. More bootlegs, son, more bootlegs.

DeAngelo, you are NOT a lockdown corner. You do have some issues you need to resolve. Royal had you turnin around so much Stank-0 thought you were gonna get motion sickness.