Opening Day!

Posted: September 6, 2008 in New York Giants, NFL, Washington Redskins
The GMen opened their defense of their improbable Super Bowl title, by outlasting the Washington Redskins.

Having watched a large part of the game (yeah for Mountain Time!), the GMen were stumbling over their own feet and Eli didn’t look 2008 playoff sharp either.

What are the GMen’s chances of repeating, don’t even factor in Strahan’s retirement or Osi goin down for an extended stretch. They didn’t seem to be playing inspired ball, maybe it was because the Redskins weren’t puttin up much of a fight.

Poor poor poor Landry, he got absolutely trucked. Stank-0 figured Landry would know after Woodson got the same treatment in the playoffs, last year. It’s not a pretty sight for the Redskin faithful.

NFL Season Week 1 : New York Giants Vs. Redskins

  1. Music Snob says:

    Jeezy and I watched the game before McCain’s speech. It definitely wasn’t a pretty sight seeing a grown asian cry. Campbell sucks ass as a QB and all of their WRs must have bathed in butter before the game. The only redeeming part of the team is the newbie Jason Taylor. FIONE doesn’t even begin to describe.

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